Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My Early Years............

Well, my name is Chuck and I am The Chasmacian Crafter.....It is pronounced  Chas-Mack-E-N and is in a combination of my first name and my last name.  I have been making things all my life, from popsicle sticks when I was a child to macrame` and all the stuff in between.  I am from Iowa and love living here, except when it snows. 

For 18 years I designed Christmas Trees, Wreaths, Stockings and Centerpieces for The Festival of Trees in Davenport Iowa and for The Fantasy of Lights in Clinton, Iowa.  The Davenport show is one of the top 10 in the nation and it was an honor to receive a ribbon from there. You were judged by your peers and for these designers to choose me was an honor. These shows were fund raisers and were all about volunteers and the Davenport show would raise  money for the arts.  I received over 35 ribbons ranging from best of show to honorable mention.  Christmas is my passion followed by Halloween.

In the early 90's I decided I would try my hand at selling my crafts and creations in magazines such as Country Sampler, Country Folk Art, Better Homes and Gardens and other magazines.  It was tough working a full time job and doing the craft business, but soon I would end up getting a divorce so I just put everything on hold.

I survived the divorce and 8 years later, I retired early from my job of 31 years as a  machinist and decided it was time to take this business venture all the way. So, here I am and I hope to  design and manufacture original primitive, country and everyday decor for your home and office.  After all The Chasmacian Crafter wants to "Make Holidays Special in your Heart and in your Home."

It all began again with the gourds when I came to a family own pumpkin patch in Donnellsen Iowa.  They sold these dried up gourds which I purchased.  I cleaned them, painted them and carved them into jack o`lanterns with an electrical light and sold them.  I actually saw gourds in the mall and they were selling for a lot of money.  I knew I could do them with a little patience and practice.  So, I set out in my gourd business and called myself a "Gourdster".  I would tell my customers the gourds were grown in a "gourdchard."  Most of them knew better, but it made for good conversation. They became very popular and I was getting sick and tired of cleaning them, but I enjoyed what I did and so did everyone else.  The Chasmacian Crafter was feeling good about this and so the beginning of the new Chasmacian Crafter.

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  1. Enjoyed reading your blog post. Looking forward to more. Your website has a lot of nice items. Good luck with the blog and website :)