Thursday, December 11, 2014

Christmas Time is Here.......

Christmas Time Is Here.....
C. R. McClenning Studio is proud to offer my original OOAK snowman designs for my collectors.
I hope you find something you like.
All designs come signed by me, dated and label 1/1 because this is the original.
Grab a cup of coffee, find a comfortable chair and check things out.

If you would like to purchase any of the adorable handcrafted collectables, please email me or phone.


I accept PayPal and most credit and debit cards

Welcome to the world of C. J. Freezer.  C.J. is young at heart and loves playing.
He enjoys Christmas and all that implies.

This design is C.J. balancing a snow ball on his foot....He is dressed in his velvet santa hat with pebbletone fur and also fur around the cuffs.  His neck is adorned with a holly wreath.
He measures approx. 7" tall and his hands extend to 5" wide.  He is finished off with a dusting of mica dust.


This design is C.J. holding a snowball.....I am not sure if he is going to build a snowman to play with or throw that ball at the next snowboy he sees.  He is wearing his velvet santa hat adorned with the pebbletone fur with a holly wreath around his neck.  He sits at a height of 5" and  4" wide.  C.J. is still a young lad and has not lost his baby fat yet.  He is finished off with a light dusting of mica dust.


This design is C.J. pretending to be Santa Claus.  He is gathering up the tree and candy canes to decorate his home.  He is wearing his velvet santa hat with pebbleton fur and has real sheeps wool for his beard.  His belly is adorned with a rusty bell and his handmade glasses complete his look.  C.J. is finished off with a light dusting  mica dust.



C.J. is in a great mood because Christmas is right around the corner.  He is doing a hand stand because he can not control his excitement for the approaching Christmas Festivities.
He is wearing his velvet santa hat adorned with pebbletone fur.  He also has a holly wreath around his neck and rust bells on his belly.  The handmade red bird finds a new spot to relax until C.J. decides to stand up.  This is truly a fun piece and is finished off with a dusting of mica dust


Here are more of my original to collect or give as gifts.


This snowperson is called "Fall into Winter"

Standing approx. 8" tall,  the snowperson is wearing his fall gardening hat adorned with an aged sunflower and homespun scarf.  At his feet is a flower pot with an aged sunflower coming out of it.  For all my collectors, this is a snowperson you bring out in fall and leave out all winter.

Plus shipping


This little guy should meet up with C.J. and they can both play together building a snowman or maybe throwing snowballs at each other.  This guy sits at a height of 6" and is adorned with a handcrafted hat out of fleece with a matching scarf.  The red bird is also handmade out of fimo.
No home should be with out this adorable OOAK.


plus shipping


This guy is holding a snowball waiting for his next victim for the snowball fight.  He is adorned with a handmade black felt hat with a wreath of holly around the hat and his neck.  Sprigs of faux pine at his feet with rusty bells.  He is finished off with a light dusting of mica dust.  He stands approx, 6" tall.

plus shipping

Welcome to  my collection of Country Cuzzins.
These guys will become a favorite with friends and families.


This design is actually taken from an old victorian postcard.  This  incredible snowman measures approx. 10 -1/2" tall  and 3-1/2 wide at the widest spot.  He is quite impressive and is perfect for your snowman collection.  His traditional fadora hat is adorned with a sprig of faux pine, red berry and a rusty bell.  His scarf consist of aged homespun and is also adorned with sprig of faux pine, red berry and a rusty bell.  Much time was taken to handcraft this gorgeous snowman with all the details.  He is aged to take him to a place and time....He is finished off with a light dusting of mica dust.  Lets not forget his flattering pipe which totally pulls his look together.


plus shipping


Here is another must have for the snowman collectors of the world.  He is wearing his handmade felt stove top black hat adorned with a sprig of faux pine, berry and rest bell.  Aged homespun wraps around the hat and also his scarf which sports the sprig of faux pine, red berry and rusty bell.  He stands approx 9" tall and 3' wide. Handpainted and aged to bring out the true character of this guy.  His rusty bell buttons is perfect for Primitive, Country or just everyday collectors of fine handcrafted pieces.

plus shipping


This Country Cuzzin is detailed in every way.  He posses his handcrafted black felt stove top hat wrapped with aged homespun and adorned with a sprig of faux pine and a rusty bell.  His scarf is matching homespun and also sports a sprig of faux pine with rusty bell. His hands are handcrafted which pulls this snowman together.  Lets not forget the sprig of faux pine with rusty bell nestled at his feet.  This guy is also aged to bring out his character and lightly dusted with mica dust.

plus shipping

Our Country Cuzzins continue with these adorable designs.  These characters are perfect for my Primitive, Country and everyday collectors of new and original designs by C. R. McClenning Studio.


How fun is this guy looking for the perfect tree for his holiday enjoyment.  This guys stands 7" tall and 3" wide.  He wears his handcrafted black felt hat adorned with a holly wreath and an aged homespun scarf.  He holds his bottle brush tree and has rusty bells for his buttons.  A light dusting of mica dust and an aged appearance will make this guy fit into any home.

plus shipping

Now here is something new to coordinate with the Country Cuzzin designs.  The Country Trees come in a set of three.  The are handcrafted and hand painted to bring out their charm.  Each tree is adorned with rusty bells and lightly dusted with mica dust.
The trees measure 8",  6"  and  5" tall.
Just because they are called Country Trees does not mean they will not fit into any home.

plus shipping


Gathering up his holiday wreath makes this guy look exhausted.  He is precious with his handcrafted black felt stove top hat wrapped with aged homesun and adorned with a sprig of faux pine, red berry, and the red fino bird.  His ascot is aged homespun with a rusty bell in the middle and he also has a rusty bell button.  His wreath is constructed out of faux pine and holly.  To finish off this creations are the sprigs of faux pine at his foot with a rusty bell and lightly dusted with mica dust to bring him to life.

plus shipping

Have you ever wondered what happens to a snow person after the snow  melts?  Well,  I found Rascal at the local fireworks display this year.  With that look on his face, I am not sure if he is enjoying the show or  is scaring him.  This is Rascal first firework display.

He is adorable with his curly top hair and sits on his blanket in the design of an american flag while holding his handcrafted pinwheel.  The fireworks shooting off behind him brings this guy to a new time.  
Rascal measures approx 5" and is 3" wide.  His patriotic blankets measures 4" X 6".  He wears a bow is blue with white stars and is finished off with a rusty bell.
Rascal is hand painted, aged and lightly dusted with mica dust.
Do not let this unique and fun OOAK get away.

plus shipping

All designs by C. R. McClenning Studio are protected by the copyright laws of America.

Friday, October 31, 2014

Become a follower and win this original lamp designed by me

Take a chance at winning this original design by C. R. McClenning Studio

Isaac the Owl is my original design and this lamp is being offer as a thank you for all your support.
This is a quality piece which is handcrafted by C. R. McClenning Studio.
He is made out of resin from a silicone mold created by me and is hand poured, painted, detail and finished by myself.  Isaac will last for years to come.
So, you must follow me on my facebook page.  Also on my facebook page make a comment you would like to be entered in winning Isaac the Owl.
Now click the blue JOIN THIS SITE button on this blog and enter a comment you would like to be entered into a chance at winning Isaac the Owl lamp......
It is that simple.....
If you have problems with any part of entering, please contact me and I will help you.
This giveaway is my way of saying thank you.

Make a comment below to be entered into the comment and also become a follower. If you are already a follower, just leave a comment below and on my face book


Friday, March 28, 2014

Trio of Halloween Candlesticks

The Halloween Trio of Candlesticks are a fine addition to your Halloween decorating or table settings.
These fun designs are created by me and these designs are handcrafted by me.
The colors are perfect for Halloween and the designs are creative and fun.
These designs have my trademark Candle Eye Flames which give them such warmth and character.
They are crafted using paper clay and hand painted by me.
The base measures 4" and  4.5" tall.
They have a collar of colored crepe paper which takes you back to 1920's.
Celebrate this Halloween with these special designs by C.R. McClenning Studio.
These candleholders will come signed and dated by me.
Buy one or buy them all..

$85 each

Pumpkin Man

How precious is he?
The Pumpkin man uses his Jack O'lantern to guide him through the dark nights.
This is my original design and is truly to become a Halloween favorite for collectors.
He measures 11" tall  5" wide.
He is hand painted with the exception of his black crepe paper collar.
This design is handcrafted from paper clay.
He is perched on a green base which is dusted with mica dust.
The pumpkin man posses our trademark Candle Eye Flames.
Truly a must have for any Halloween  collector.
The Pumpkin Man was featured in the September 2014 issue of Prims Magazine.  Once he is return from the magazine he will be sold.  You can email me to reserve The Pumpkin Man

For Sale when it is returned from the magazine.....

The Halloween Trio

Welcome The Halloween Trio
These gorgeous folk art designed creations are something special to behold.  
I have taken the past and brought it into the 21st century.
The designs are my originals and they bear my trademark Candle Eye Flames.  Each designs has their own personality and is handcrafted by me.  If you are looking for something new to add to your Halloween collection, than these are for you.
They range in size from 9"-10" and approximately 3" wide at the head.
The colors are perfect together and the black crepe paper collars are a perfect addition along with the black feathers, chenille stems and all the hand painted designs.
Designed and crafted by me, C.R. McClenning Studio.
These are for sale and you can purchase individually or as a set of three.  These are a one of kind and will never be remade.

$75.00 each or all three for $225

Jack O'lantern in a Box

Jack O'lanter in a box
Let me take you back in time when the Jack in the Box was a common feature in a childs room.
I have taken the idea and crafted it into my original idea.  His flame candle eyes greets you upon your first look.
His gorgeous box is handpainted with cats from years past.
On the side is the faux crank with the wooden handle.
He has a black gown with yellow crepe paper which is antiqued to take you back to a time.
he has a black ribbon tie and a faux antique button to complete this creation.
This is a non-functioning box and is designed for display.
This should not be given to  a child.
Measures 7" x 4" wide at the handle.


Please email me if you are interested in the design

Isaac the Owl

Isaac the Owl
This new design for 2014 is ready for a new home.  He is designed and handcrafted by me.
Isaac stands approximately 9" and 4" at his widest point.  He is constructed out of paperclay and is quite impressive.
This design is perfect for Halloween collectors.
The warm colors blend together to compliment this one of a kind design.
The orange crepe paper color is antiqued to take you back in time and his orange spotted hat has gold and black chenille stems and adorned with a faux antique button.  Topping of his hat is black feathers.
I am not sure if Isaac is ready for a party of maybe conjuring up some Halloween fun.
Isaac the Owl was featured in Prims Magazine in the September 2014 issue.


Saturday, March 1, 2014

Chester the Chick

Welcome to the world......

Chester the Chick

Chester The Chick


Chester the Chick is looking for a new home and also needs a little help getting out of the shell.  He has gotten his feet through the shell, but it only seems to make matters worse.

Chester is handcrafted out of paper clay.
He measures 5" tall 3.5" wide.
The base he sits on is sprinkled with mica dust and the top of his little head and arms are yellow feathers.

Do not let this original one of a kind get away.
He is signed by the artist and dated and comes marked 1/1.
Be the first to own a C.R. McClenning original.

The price includes shipping in the 48 United States.
Please email me if you are interested or have any questions about this design.

I accept credit cards and Paypal.

Friday, February 28, 2014

Welcome to Charles R. McClenning Studio

Welcome To Charles R. McClenning Studio

I just love designing and bringing new decor to my customers.  I do this full time and love all the time spent.  It is not easy, but to me, it is who I am.  I hope you enjoy the one of a kind designs created from my heart for your home.
This blog is dedicated to my one of a kinds.  I will still have my website and designing for my customers of country, primitive and everything in-between.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Where has the time gone?

Where has all the time gone?  It has been such a long time since I have added anything to the blog.  My website has been extremely busy along with ebay and etsy....

I have busy designing, manufacturing and selling to the best customers on the internet.  I have met such wonderful people which have gone from customer to friend. 

Wholesale customers have increased and sales have reach international level.

I am designing a wonderful line of products for Fall and Winter, but I can not post them quite yet.  I am going to send some of them to national magazines in hopes of being a featured designer.   My customers have not even seen what I can really do.

The name of the blog will change also, but it will still be me.....Chuck.

If you sign up on my website of just add your email to me newsletter list, you will be automatically notified of my new blog postings and new products which appear on my website.

2013 was a wonderful year and lots of stuff sold out.  During the next few months, there will be changes out with the old and in with the new.  I try to change and add new designs to keep my customers satisfied.  I have been making products from designs of a few of the designers I feel are top notch.  In this case, they are given full credit as designers in my description.

Anyway, I am back and hoping to get this blog changed over to the new name and new products.

See ya soon,