Friday, March 28, 2014

Trio of Halloween Candlesticks

The Halloween Trio of Candlesticks are a fine addition to your Halloween decorating or table settings.
These fun designs are created by me and these designs are handcrafted by me.
The colors are perfect for Halloween and the designs are creative and fun.
These designs have my trademark Candle Eye Flames which give them such warmth and character.
They are crafted using paper clay and hand painted by me.
The base measures 4" and  4.5" tall.
They have a collar of colored crepe paper which takes you back to 1920's.
Celebrate this Halloween with these special designs by C.R. McClenning Studio.
These candleholders will come signed and dated by me.
Buy one or buy them all..

$85 each

Pumpkin Man

How precious is he?
The Pumpkin man uses his Jack O'lantern to guide him through the dark nights.
This is my original design and is truly to become a Halloween favorite for collectors.
He measures 11" tall  5" wide.
He is hand painted with the exception of his black crepe paper collar.
This design is handcrafted from paper clay.
He is perched on a green base which is dusted with mica dust.
The pumpkin man posses our trademark Candle Eye Flames.
Truly a must have for any Halloween  collector.
The Pumpkin Man was featured in the September 2014 issue of Prims Magazine.  Once he is return from the magazine he will be sold.  You can email me to reserve The Pumpkin Man

For Sale when it is returned from the magazine.....

The Halloween Trio

Welcome The Halloween Trio
These gorgeous folk art designed creations are something special to behold.  
I have taken the past and brought it into the 21st century.
The designs are my originals and they bear my trademark Candle Eye Flames.  Each designs has their own personality and is handcrafted by me.  If you are looking for something new to add to your Halloween collection, than these are for you.
They range in size from 9"-10" and approximately 3" wide at the head.
The colors are perfect together and the black crepe paper collars are a perfect addition along with the black feathers, chenille stems and all the hand painted designs.
Designed and crafted by me, C.R. McClenning Studio.
These are for sale and you can purchase individually or as a set of three.  These are a one of kind and will never be remade.

$75.00 each or all three for $225

Jack O'lantern in a Box

Jack O'lanter in a box
Let me take you back in time when the Jack in the Box was a common feature in a childs room.
I have taken the idea and crafted it into my original idea.  His flame candle eyes greets you upon your first look.
His gorgeous box is handpainted with cats from years past.
On the side is the faux crank with the wooden handle.
He has a black gown with yellow crepe paper which is antiqued to take you back to a time.
he has a black ribbon tie and a faux antique button to complete this creation.
This is a non-functioning box and is designed for display.
This should not be given to  a child.
Measures 7" x 4" wide at the handle.


Please email me if you are interested in the design

Isaac the Owl

Isaac the Owl
This new design for 2014 is ready for a new home.  He is designed and handcrafted by me.
Isaac stands approximately 9" and 4" at his widest point.  He is constructed out of paperclay and is quite impressive.
This design is perfect for Halloween collectors.
The warm colors blend together to compliment this one of a kind design.
The orange crepe paper color is antiqued to take you back in time and his orange spotted hat has gold and black chenille stems and adorned with a faux antique button.  Topping of his hat is black feathers.
I am not sure if Isaac is ready for a party of maybe conjuring up some Halloween fun.
Isaac the Owl was featured in Prims Magazine in the September 2014 issue.


Saturday, March 1, 2014

Chester the Chick

Welcome to the world......

Chester the Chick

Chester The Chick


Chester the Chick is looking for a new home and also needs a little help getting out of the shell.  He has gotten his feet through the shell, but it only seems to make matters worse.

Chester is handcrafted out of paper clay.
He measures 5" tall 3.5" wide.
The base he sits on is sprinkled with mica dust and the top of his little head and arms are yellow feathers.

Do not let this original one of a kind get away.
He is signed by the artist and dated and comes marked 1/1.
Be the first to own a C.R. McClenning original.

The price includes shipping in the 48 United States.
Please email me if you are interested or have any questions about this design.

I accept credit cards and Paypal.