Sunday, April 17, 2011

Something New for Our Country Primitive Collectors......

 There is something to be said about the country primitive decor.  The design has such a warm and cozy feel, bringing you back to a time when life was hard but living was easy.  The Chasmacian Crafter tries to bring something different for home and office decorating.

Shadow Box
  This shadow box is actually one of my first designs and is sold on my website.  I did take it to a new level and decided to grunge it for my country and primitive friends.  What makes this so special is you can change the picture to go with your mood or holiday.  I offer on my website a Victorian "Postcard Gallery".  There you can go to numerous holidays and choose a design you find appealing and we will mat it to accommadate your special design.

Country Primitive Glass Display Case
 This display case is truly a country primitive object for your home decorating needs. It has five sides of glass with a hinged lid so you can display your most precious antiques or even our prim eggs sold on our website. Tuck it on a shelf or display it proudly on your table. It is sold on my website, but I only have one  available now.  So, when it is gone, not sure when I will have anymore available.
This country primitive coach lantern is simply sweet and primitive.  You can add a special candle ring around the light bulb for different holidays or just leave it the way it is.  The coach light comes with a perfect primitive orange bulb.  If you are interested, just stop by my website and take a look.   I have added new country primitive decor on my website made especially for you.

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