Sunday, May 6, 2012

Something New for Halloween

"Wicked" Witch Boot Light with Lampshade
We chose to bring this to you now so our customers will not miss out on this extremely "Wicked" halloween decorations.
We are taking orders for this special Halloween decoration to light up your darkest night.
In the past, we have sold out on our designs and numerous customers were not able to buy our handcrafted decorations.  So, this time we are going to offer some of the designs we feel are exceptional and let you order them so your do not miss out.
This special will only last for a short time and  the price being so low by using the discount code.
Order now to guarantee your purchase and use the special discount code.
Your order will be shipped within 2-3 weeks after receiving the order.
The dripping candle tealight is not included with the witch boot light set,  but will be sold on our website.
The wicked witch boot light comes in your choice of two different style of lampshades.
Do not let this Halloween decoration get away from you....
As always, this awesome design is handcrafted right here at The Chasmacian Crafter Holiday Factory.

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